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Your windscreen is far more than just a piece of glass to keep the wind and rain out of your vehicle.

A clean clear windscreen is vitally important for good vision; however, a professionally bonded windscreen is an integral part of the vehicle body shell and is as important to your road safety and security as a seat belt, child seat or an air bag. The windscreen contributes towards overall vehicle strength and crash protection.
Using a reputable provider such as AAA Mobile Windscreens for windscreen repair or replacement is important in maintaining the overall integrity of your vehicle. Modern day automotive glass is a technologically advanced product that must be correctly installed by trained professionals to be a safe structural part of the vehicle's protective cage.
A windscreen is designed to keep occupants from being ejected from the vehicle in case of impact, to support the roof in a rollover accident and to position and support the passenger side air bags for maximum protection.
It's not always necessary to get the screen replaced; a large percentage of laminated screens can be repaired by AAA Mobile Windscreens at minimal cost to the customer and in accordance with the code of practice outlined in BS AU 242b:2022.
We cover all 32 Counties of Ireland and have strategically placed depots to ensure we reach you at the roadside as quickly as possible. Our vans operate on a vehicle monitor system to ensure the quickest response time.
We assist our customers when abroad by putting them in touch with reputable companies that can handle their needs in an emergency, whether in their own car or a hired vehicle.
AAA Mobile Windscreens lead in ADAS calibration. AAA ADAS Logo
It is encouraging to note that our procedures from inception are completely in line with the new Insurance Industry requirements for the safe repair of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) equipped vehicles ADAS are predominantly electronic systems that monitor the environment around the car and give assistance, either through audible or other sensory warnings or through direct autonomous interaction with the car. ADAS helps the driver safely operate the vehicle. AAA Mobile Windscreens have the most up to date diagnostic equipment which can effectively and accurately calibrate a wide range of camera-based driver assistance systems, which are an increasingly common feature even on many mid-size and compact cars.

The sensors and cameras required by these systems have to be precisely calibrated. A slight shift in the position of the radar head or the camera in relation to the geometric axle can cause the system to deliver incorrect results, or even fail completely.

We have a vehicle bay in our workshop complete with a laser guidance system and a full range of calibration boards where we can carry out static calibration and initiate dynamic calibration. The diagnostic system can be used offsite for dynamic calibration and in a suitable indoor environment for static calibration.


About AAA Mobile Windscreens

Founded in Naas in 1983, AAA Mobile Windscreens is Ireland's longest established mobile windscreen fitting company. Our professional staff offers the fastest response time to anyone that finds themselves in need of our service.
AAA Mobile Windscreens pioneered the idea of mobile windscreen fitting, but we won't take all the credit, our customers requested that we do it!
We warehouse the largest stock of glass in Ireland and have access to suppliers and manufacturers globally. We can repair any windscreen if the damage is minimal, and if repair is not possible, we can replace the windscreen glass straight away. We also source, supply and replace specialist glass such as Bullet Resistant glass (some specifications are permitted an E mark), Anti-Bandit glass and Security glass.

Who's who

Eugene Hall: Managing Director - 0818 77 99 55.

Michael Mullally: Financial Director - 045 988808.

Dermot Coogan: Technical and Procurement Manager - 045 988810.

Cormac Breen: Administration and Sales - 045 988814.

Stacy Shine: Credit controller - 045 988802.

Adrian O'Dwyer: Business Manager - 045 988815 



AAA Mobile Windscreens ensure a high level of customer service. We monitor all of our vehicles nationwide on our GPS traffic management system. Knowing the location of our technicians at all times helps us to provide you, the customer, with high quality and efficient professional service. This helps make AAA Mobile Windscreens the most competitive windscreen replacement company in Ireland. We consistently deliver products and a service that meets client expectations and requirements.

Eco Ethics 

We continue to improve our eco footprint and limit our impact, by recognising our responsibilities to society and the wider environment and by acting in accordance with relevant local and internationally approved environmental standards. We recycle 100% of our windscreens, cardboard and plastics.

Code of Conduct 

We are a socially responsible company and continue to build a business which we are proud of. We recognise our responsibility to our employees, customers, business partners, suppliers, communities and state bodies. All our business dealings are conducted with integrity, honesty, openness and fairness. We adhere to the highest ethical principles and act respectfully and fairly in everything we do. 





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We cover all 32 COUNTIES of Ireland

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